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What customers are saying about Change Management Boot Camp

We had devoted significant attention to the technology and processes underlying our nCino implementation – what we hadn’t focused enough on was the people side of the equation. The Change Management Boot Camp with Synergy Consulting was exactly what our management team needed to help prepare to lead our people through this change. Greg and Steve did a wonderful job leading the boot camp, providing insightful materials, engaging our team and sharing real life experiences that we found extremely helpful. The change management boot camp from Synergy was absolutely well worth the investment.
— John Gavigan, Chief Operating Officer, First Financial Bank, Cincinnati, OH
I was extremely impressed with the quality of the presentations and the knowledge and expertise of the presenters.  This program changed the entire mindset of our approach to the major project presented by our conversion to nCino.  It made us realize the personal and psychological issues involved and then prepared us and gave us tools to handle those issues.  It isn’t just software and data.
— Alton B. Lewis, CEO, First Guaranty Bank, Hammond, LA
Synergy was very helpful in teaching us how to manage the internal resistance to a major change in our lending platform.  If I had it to do over, I would have asked for their help before we ever started down this path.
— Brian Pate, CCO, Andrew Johnson Bank, Greeneville, TN
Our project is now in motion.
— Jeff Buhr, CCO, 1st Source Bank, South Bend, IN
An nCino implementation can feel very overwhelming. The need for an effective change management strategy can be easily overlooked. Synergy Consulting Group provides a great, hands on boot camp to help organizations development a change management strategy for nCino implementations. We left the boot camp with several practical solutions to help us successfully manage the nCino implementation. We experienced universal, positive feedback from all who attended. I would recommend Synergy’s Change Management Boot Camp for any bank implementing the nCino solution.
— Ryan Jones, Chief Lending Officer, People's Intermountain Bank, Salt Lake City, UT