Synergy Consulting Group, LLC
Synergy Consulting Group, LLC


What Synergy can do for you:


Change management

Get the most from your software investment by making sure your people are bought in, they know how to use the features, and your company gets the ROI you need from your investment. We design a tailored change management plan for your company that starts with leadership alignment, a gives you specific strategies to manage resistance, test, train, and communicate change. Our programs help you have faster implementation with fewer surprises and deeper adoption after you go live.


Move your Technology to the Cloud

Considering moving your technology hardware and software to the cloud, but not sure how to start? We have done it, and can show you how! The cloud can lower your cost of technology, improve your risk management and provide a better employee and customer experience.   Let us help you spend less time and resources worrying about hardware and software. We will assess your situation and customize a plan that works for you. Contact us today!


Interim or “Fractional” CFO/COO

Why hire a full time Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operating Officer when you can rent one?    Our experience can help you get over the hump, whether its a transformation project, an acquisition, or a time when you need extra leadership or management.   No long term commitment. We make it easy. 


Merger and acquisition support

The value of the transaction can be optimized with solid due diligence, deal terms, and the transition plan. We can tailor a plan to help you achieve the most from your transaction.


Vendor Management

Regulatory requirements around vendor management are increasing.   We can recommend enhancements to your processes for vendor selection, documentation, negotiation, or we can create mechanisms and metrics to hold your vendors accountable.